Batman Black Hero Cape

Batman Black Hero Cape

HUGE flowing black cape!
Product #:SHS56873
An amazingly flowing long black Hero cape. It has a 103" (8.6 foot) wingspan from tip to tip at the bottom! It is HUGE! The cape is made of a polyester blend which is a very lightweight material just like the electrostatically flocked parachute material that was used in the films. The material for this cape really help it billow and flow as you walk around. It closes uses ties on each end around the neck, just tie them together and your cowl goes right over it. This gives you that same effect you saw in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight when walking around. Smooth and flowing. There's enough material to pull the cape out in front of you like a cloak for a very fierce effect when staring down your enemies! Our model in these pictures is 5'11" wearing our full body black cotton/spandex undersuit. (Please note undersuit and boots are not included but can be purchased separately on our site).
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