Real Freddy Krueger Replica Metal Glove

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Real Freddy Krueger Replica Metal Glove

One two Freddy's coming for..
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One, two...Freddy's coming for YOU! This Deluxe Freddy Krueger Replica Metal Glove from is one of the highest quality replicas in the world. The glove is made of REAL metal and is NOT a toy. This is meant for people that want an extremely authentic and functional Freddy costume. If you are a Nightmare on Elm Street fan, you need this glove in your collection!

It is a leather blood stained glove, attached by metal rivets to a brass finished movable metal hand and chrome finish metal claws. It comes with it's own display box too so you can put it on display when you are not wearing it. The Freddy Hat picture in some of the pictures is not included but you can buy it separately right here at

The glove itself is leather, the plating painted and sanded copper for a tarnished effect, and the metal blades are nice and heavy so that clinking them together sounds very authentic just like in the films starring Robert Englund as Freddy. The blades are not sharp or pointed (for safety when costuming). The fingertips (beside the thumb) are cut, so if your fingers are long, the last joint may be exposed underneath the plates, and there is a hole in the palm (both a plus if you like being able to feel while wearing gloves). It is heavy because of all the metal in it. This is the more accurate Freddy glove available!

Conceived in the mind of a madman once known as the "Springwood Slasher," Freddy Krueger's infamous glove is a manifestation of terror. This instrument of torture is the evolution of Freddy's first murder weapon, a straight razor, which he used to kill his abusive foster father at the age of seventeen.

Constructed from a work glove, copper piping, tinner's rivets, and sharpened steak knives (note, this replica is not sharpened for safety); the iconic glove is the serial killer's work of psychotic art. It was undoubtedly Freddy's favorite murder weapon during his seven-year slaughter of more than 30 Springwood children.

On the fateful night in which Freddy was brought to cold justice, the parents of Elm Street, enraged at the murderer's release from prison on a technicality, burned him alive. He had just murdered his last victim. As Freddy burned, he swore revenge on the town of Springwood and all of its children.

The glove that terrorized Springwood while Freddy Krueger was alive proved to be more powerful from the grave, entering the nightmares of the children on Elm Street. And now into your own home with help from Buy it now before Freddy comes looking for it! (Please note this item only ships within the United States).
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